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The Argonautica Expedition

Theodor Troev

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The legend of Jason and the Argonauts, and their quest for the Golden Fleece, has long fascinated classical scholars. Intrigued by the discovery of a curiously shaped golden ingot in the Black Sea, which led to a new theory concerning the origins of the myth, Bulgarian writer and explorer Theodor Troev suggested a voyage following the route of the Argonauts to the land of the Golden Fleece, Colchis - today's Georgia.

The aim was to investigate the possibility that maritime and cultural links existed between what is now the Bulgarian coast and other points in the ancient world and also to establish what it was that Jason and his crew has sought on his journey.

Theodor Troev describes his research into the story of the Argonauts, the preparation and the voyage itself, and the discoveries that he and his crew made in Georgia and along the northern coast of Turkey on their homeward journey. He also tells of his team's encounter with the expedition led by the renowned explorer Tim Severin which at the same time was tracing Jason's voyage in the replica vessel Argo.

The book will delight all those interested in Greek mythology, archaeology, travel and adventure, and the new hypotheses that emerge from it will make a valuable contribution to the study of the ancient world.

Theodor Troev is a journalist, author, traveller and entrepreneur. He has written for The European and The Financial Times; and taken part in many expeditions, including the Ulysses Voyage and the Crusade (both with Tim Severin). This was his third book.


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