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The Tsar's War

The story of the Imperial Russian Army in WW1

Ward Rutherford

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Russia's entry into the First World War in August 1914 was greeted by cheering crowds in the capital, St Petersburg. Within three year, after the loss of many millions of his subjects, Tsar Nicholas II was forced to abdicate while his war-weary country was about to embark on three-quarters of a century of Communist rule.

In this book, a revised edition of his acclaimed the Russian Army in World War I, the author shows how the sacrifices of the Russians were due largely to the constant demands made by Britain and France for fresh military initiatives in the East to take pressure off themselves. The Tsar heeded the urgings in order to prove his steadfastness as an ally, and his troops fought bravely though disastrously hampered by government incompetence and ever decreasing supplies which eventually led to total demoralisation.

Ward Rutherford is a well known author of many books on military and historical subjects including Kasserine: Baptism of Fire, The Fall of the Philippines and The Untimely Silence.

'The narrative is well constructed and the pace of the descriptions of military operations well maintained … Not to be neglected.' The Times Literary Supplement.

'It's excellent ... Ward Rutherford's book shows how remarkable the Russian achievement was and how certainly doomed to fail … Popular history in the best sense, it is much to be recommended.' Chicago Press


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