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Welcome to our new-look website. This is still work-in-progress and parts will not be completed until the end of May 2013. Some design features will not display in older browsers. In Windows 7, IE9 does not display all features and in XP, IE8 (the latest MS allows) is unable to display the features at all. The latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Opera & Safari all do so very well in both XP and Windows 7 and are recommended.

We hold large stocks of the titles listed in the first seven categories. These include historical accounts of the Russian and German armies in the first and second world wars, the Russian Aristocracy, Romanoffs and Royal family, and epic journeys and expeditions through Asia and eastern Europe. The 'stocking fillers' are beautiful little books featuring wood-engravings, ideal small gifts to special friends. We have smaller stocks of the other categories. All books are new.

Navigation through the site is simple. Hover over a category and a full list of the titles in that group flys out. Then, either click the category to see a short synopsis of all titles in the group, or mouse over and click a title to go to a very detailed page about that book. Alternatively go direct to the stock list, where there are also links to the titles.

Whitehallbooks.com is a small family-business based in the fenlands of East Anglia in eastern England. Our internet business was established in 2005 and is (obviously) essentially mail-order. However, callers are welcome by appointment only at White Hall Farmhouse, Tipps End, Welney, Wisbech, PE14 9SF, UK. Note, we have absolutely no connection with other booksellers with similar titles in the UK, USA or elsewhere.

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